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Translate your documents, and use our in-person or remote interpreting services for depositions, hearings, medical appointments or international meetings. 

Translation & 

Interpreting Services

Translate your documents, and find solutions when you need a qualified interpreter meet in person or remotely with your clients.  

Translation Services

English into Spanish, Spanish into English, French into English, and  French into Spanish translation, transcription, editing and interpreting services. 

Our Services

Legal Translation

Legal translation services for certificates, contracts, and agreements.

Financial Translation

Financial translation services for financial statements, insurance documents, audit documents, and annual reports.

Medical Translation

Medical translation services of healthcare documents.

Marketing Translation

Marketing translation services for research, advertising, and corporate communication. 

Technical Translation

Technical translation services for renewable energies, and environmental sectors. 

Interpreting Services

Consecutive, and simultaneous interpreting services (remote and in-person) for depositions, hearings, and meetings. 

Juan Carlos Escribano

 I hold a Master of Science in Translation and Interpreting from New York University, an MBA in Marketing Management from Pace University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication (Public Relations) and French Language and Literature from the University of Denver. 

Member of ATA and NAJIT.

Juan Carlos Escribano

Translator and Interpreter

MS Translation and Interpreting 

NewYork University 

Member of ATA and NAJIT


Translation and Interpreting Projects

Please send your project requirements at your convenience to receive a free estimate.

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